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To ensure the comfort, safety and health of the whole community the Companion Animals Act places certain responsibilities on all pet owners.

Keeping your dog under effective control

When you are out with your dog in a public place you must have your dog under effective control at all times.  This means your dog must be controlled by an adequate chain leash or cord which must be secured to the dog and held by a competent person (not a child).

Penalty for the offence of 'In charge of dog not under control in public place' - $220.00.

Picking up after your dog in a public place

It is an offence if your dog defecates in a public place and you do not pick it up and dispose of it in a proper manner.

Penalty for the offence of 'Fail to not immediately remove dog faeces from public place' - $275.00.

Dog in prohibited place

Some areas in New South Wales are prohibited places by virtue of the Companion Animals Act 1998 and as a result dogs must not be taken into or onto these places.  (These laws do change for some assistance animals, such as guide dogs; please see section 59 of the Companion Animals Act).

Prohibited places include:

Penalty for the offence of 'Dog in a prohibited place' - $330.00

Dog attacks

It is an offence if your dog, without provocation, attacks or threatens to attack a person or another animal. 

Penalty for the offence of 'Own dog that rushes at/attacks/bites/harasses/chases person or animal' - $550.00

A similar penalty also exists for a person that is in charge of dog that attacks another person or animal.

If your dog is involved in an unprovoked dog attack, whether it is upon a person or other animal, you risk the possibility of your pet being declared dangerous under the Act.  If your dog is declared dangerous you will be required to adhere to certain control requirements and if you do not comply with these control requirements  you risk fines of $1,320.00, court action or having your dog seized by an Authorised Officer.

Penalty notices issued under the Act
Animal not permanently identified (microchipped) $165
Animal not registered $165
Failure to notify change of address/owner $165
Failure to prevent dog escaping $220
Dog not on lead in public place $220
Failure to remove dog faeces $275
Failure to take seized animal to pound/shelter $550
Dog in prohibited place $330
Own or in charge of attacking dog $550


For further explanation and other offences refer to following legislation

Companion Animals Act 1998

Companion Animals Regulation 2008

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