The School Quadrangle - Garrie Collins

11th January  - 27th February 2021

“My art has been my life. It has been the focus of my childhood identity, educational career and retirement years” - Garrie Collins.
On recently reaching his 80th birthday, it became obvious to Garrie that he should complete this journey by now presenting
who he is and what he hopes can be our future. The imagery, engagement, inventiveness and candour within his artwork are testaments to a creative life lived and a guide to cultural activists.
The School Quadrangle blends development and performance to guide the advancement of education and the Arts in schools and communities.
The works displayed are essentially graphic, direct, regional, experimental, and exploratory - retaining a deep commitment
to Collins’ connection to the Hawkesbury and Hunter Valley regions and his insights of children.
The School Quadrangle celebrates reflections on the adventures, friendships and beginnings of a creative life.

Image: Garrie Collins, Blokes 2019, digital artwork, recycled materials construction, 60 x 60cm.