ART TRACKS IV Myth, Folklore, Wisdom

8 March  - 1 st May 2021

Throughout history, mythologies and folklore have expressed, through shared verbal and visual narratives, the customs and values of civilisations.

Contemporary artists both seek to preserve these stories in a continuation of legacies that stretch back through the millennia (Margaret Loy Pula, Anatye - Bush Potato), as well as reinterpret them in the creation of new visual narratives (Col Jordan, Daedalus Series No. 10).

Art Tracks IV: Myth, Folklore and Wisdom draws together works from the Collections acquired via the Muswellbrook Art Prize, each as a unique representation of that which shape and reflect cultural values and identity, and afford meaning and intelligibility to our world.

Image: Pam Sinnott, Heart Altar (from the Minotaur series) 1989, stoneware, gilded, 14 x 14 x 30cm, Winner, Costain Coal Ceramic Award 1989,
Muswellbrook Shire Art Collection.