A letter received by the local Municipal Council requested that the Board of New South Wales Geographical Names be requested to provide information in regard to the correct spelling of Muswellbrook, the significance of the name, and particulars of a historic nature concerning the first settlement of the district and its pioneers. For years some government departments spelt the name "Musclebrook", whilst others spelt it "Muswellbrook".

Townspeople generally spelt it "Muswellbrook". This name, we are informed, was given to the town by one of the earliest settlers because of some real or fancied resemblance to Muswell Hill in England. Others, again say the name "Mussel Creek" usually spelt Muscle Creek was given to the stream which crosses Sydney Street by a party of surveyors who, while camped upon its banks, found mussels (shellfish) there.

There is in Scotland, few miles east of Edinburgh, a seaport named Musselburg, which may have had something to do with the name of our town. There does not seem to be any special local significance attached to the name; but perhaps some of our better informed readers will be good enough to tell us its origin, and also the way of spelling used by the earliest settlers. The Chronicle will be pleased to give space to contributors for the publication of particulars concerning the first settlement of the district and its pioneers, believing such will prove of much historical interest, as well as afford interesting information to readers.

Source Muswellbrook Chronicle Wednesday 3rd May 1905
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