The Denman Town Centre Upgrade Concepts, are on Public Exhibition.

To view the proposed concepts visit Council’s website at or at Council’s Administration Centre, Denman or Muswellbrook libraries.

The Denman Town Centre Landscape Concept, Civil Concept and Long Vehicle Parking Paxton Street Concepts are available at the following links. 

Denman Town Centre Landscape Concept

Denman Town Centre Civil Concept

Denman Town Centre Paxton St Long Vehicle Parking Concept

This plan creates opportunities for improved retail, commercial and public activities, improve parking and access in and around the town centre, address stormwater issues and create high quality public spaces.

Key features of the concepts include creating improved public spaces in Ogilvie Street, enhancement of the heritage character of the town centre and construction of off street parking. Memorial Park, the site of town’s Anzac memorial, is critical to the concept. Upgrades planned for the park include improved green space for events, a new children’s playground, picnic facilities, landscaping and new public amenities.

Council allocated $2.5 million to the town centre upgrade in the 2018-2019 budget and have dedicated $1.94 million to the reconstruction of Denman Memorial Hall. Construction is expected to start in the near future.

Denman is recognised as the fast-developing centre of the Upper Hunter’s tourism industry. Council believes that everybody in the Denman community will benefit from the projects and will work towards timely completion of its masterplan for Denman.

For further information please contact Council on 02 6549 3700.

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