Muswellbrook Shire Council determined a number of outcomes at its September 2018 Ordinary Meeting.

Councillors re-elected Councillor Martin Rush as Mayor and Councillor Rod Scholes as Deputy Mayor. Both were elected unopposed for a term of two years.

Council will introduce voluntary level 1 water restrictions and will undertake a public awareness campaign to promote the need to limit the use of water as we move into the warmer months. These measures are to ensure that the community is prepared for continuing drought conditions and the threat of bushfire emergencies.

Other decisions from the meeting included:

  • Reconfirmation that Council meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month except for January, where there will be no Ordinary meeting. Meetings of the Infrastructure, and Corporate Policy and Planning Committees will be convened on the last Wednesday of each month, except for December when the meetings will be brought forward by one week.
  • Approval of DA 26/2018 for the construction of a temporary igloo structure over the existing hard stand area at 18-22 Carramere Road, Muswellbrook. The approval will allow sandblasting and painting operations, subject to the conditions imposed by Council.
  • Delegation of the authority to the Development Assessment Committee to finalise and publicly exhibit amendments to the Muswellbrook Development Control Plan (DCP) to ensure that development in urban areas near waterways and drainage corridors does not increase drainage and flooding hazards.
  • Endorsement of the reviewed Delivery Program for public exhibition for a period of 28 days.
  • Approval of works for inclusion in the General Building Programme, which includes funds for the upgrade of the Arts Centre lighting and air-conditioning; the air-conditioning upgrade at QEII; minor works at the Administration Centre, Denman Community Centre, Muswellbrook Library and other Council buildings. Funds will also be allocated to improve access to the Muswellbrook Senior Citizens Building,
  • Approval of funds for Landcare Major Projects, including Nature Trails and the continuation of works at Possum Gully. Funds have also be allocated for a small grants program to support Landcare groups.
  • Adoption of the Governance, Procurement, and Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Councillors Policies.
  • Delegation to the Development Assessment Committee of the authority to determine development matters identified by the Committee and which would otherwise be determined by the General Manager to further streamline the approvals process.
  • Endorsement of the Renew Our Libraries initiative to secure ongoing and sustainable future funding for the Shire’s public libraries from the State Government.
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