Members of the public may address Council, on any matter listed in the Agenda for the Ordinary and Extra Ordinary Council meetings. Addresses will now be be limited to two minutes and an extension of time will be approved only upon a unanimous resolution of Council. A Speaker’s Request Form is to be completed and handed, emailed or faxed to the PA to the General Manager before 9:00 am on the Friday before the meeting.
Persons seeking public access will be invited by the Mayor or Chairperson to address Council during the Public Forum.
There is no limit to the number of speakers who may address Council or a Committee on a particular matter. Speakers may only address the meeting and not ask questions. Councillors may direct questions to a speaker but only in respect of matters referred to in the Public Forum session, or as detailed in a written comment by the speaker contained in the Business Paper. Council’s Code of Conduct applies during the Public Forum.

You can download the Public Forum Speakers Request Form

Public Forum Speakers Request Form

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