Muswellbrook Shire Council is committed to working closely with the community to deliver this vital infrastructure project and we want to keep you informed. To maintain our water and wastewater services we will be upgrading sections of the water main network around Muswellbrook.

This is a very important initiative for residents and businesses of Muswellbrook as it will ensure the local community continues to receive a reliable water service.

We understand there will be some short term disturbance, but rest assured in the long term your area will benefit from improved water quality and reliability.

Muswellbrook Shire Council has partnered with H L Mullane & Son Pty ltd to undertake the construction of these new water mains. The works will begin in January 2020 and is expected to be completed by May 2020. The table below details the sections of water main that will be renewed;


Project Start Location

Project End Location

Hill Street Railway Crossing Water Main

Bridge Street

Hunter Terrace

William Street Water Main

Market Street

Sowerby Street

Hill Street Water Main

Bridge Street

Sowerby Street

Brook Street Water Main- Upper Section

Sowerby Street

King Street

Brook Street Water Main- Lower Section

Scott Street

Hunter Terrace

Scott Street Water Main

Hill Street

End of Scott Street

Throughout this project we will provide you with regular updates and will work hard to minimise the inconvenience and impacts. We thank you in advance for your patience during these essential works.



Brook Street Water Main-Upper Section: Construction works are to commence from Monday 13th January 2020 with an estimated completion of early March 2020. Affected residents/businesses will be notified by letter drop and verbal door to door notification before the commencement of works. Construction activities will take place along Hill Street between Sowerby Street to King Street with minor traffic restrictions in place during works.



What is the Muswellbrook Water Main Renewal Program?

The Muswellbrook Water Main Renewal Program is the replacement of the existing water mains throughout Muswellbrook that have reached the end of their useful life.

The works involve:

  • Construction of water mains along road reserves and nature strips
  • Construction of water mains under railway line using trenchless construction techniques
  • Construction of water services up to residents and businesses water meters
  • Removal of redundant water main fittings in roads and nature strips

Why do we need this project?

These works are critical to replacing aged pipes in the water network and to ensure the ongoing integrity and reliability of the water network. They will also help us more effectively manage and minimise water main breaks, leaks and shutdowns.

When will this project start and finish?

Works will commence in Mid-January 2020 and is expected to conclude May 2020 (weather permitting).

Notification letters will be provided to all affected residents and businesses 1 week prior to the works being undertaken.

What are the construction hours?

The majority of works are scheduled to take place during normal hours- 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and on occasions 8am to 1pm on Saturdays (weather permitting)

How will I be impacted during construction?

Local residents may notice:

  • An increase in trucks on local roads
  • Periods of noise when heavy machinery is being used
  • Road closures and traffic impacts around the work area
  • Restrictions to driveway access during construction hours
  • Temporary storage/ site set up in selected locations near work areas
  • Temporary water main shutdown (council will advise of shutdown time at least 48 hours in advance)

How will the water mains be constructed?

We will use a mixture of trenchless technology and open cut construction methods. We will try to minimise our impact on the community where possible.

Will my driveway be affected?

There will be some instance where we will need to block, and even open cut , residents driveways to lay the pipe. We will try to utilise trenchless technology wherever possible to undertaken driveway crossings however in the instance where a driveway is cut, we will restore it to its previous condition. Residents in these areas will experience short disruptions to their driveway access.

If we do need to block a residents driveway we will notify the resident individually and where possible provide at least 24 hours’ notice so alternative parking arrangements can be made.

Will there be a visual impact?

During construction, adjacent residents will see the work area set up, including equipment and materials and some sections of the ground will be excavated. Upon completion of the works any disturbed areas will be reinstated as close as possible to their original condition.

Will there be traffic Management?

Traffic management, including lane closures and speed restrictions, will be in place around the work area to ensure the safety of workers and the community. Signage will be in place to guide road users.

Will my water or sewerage be affected during these works?

Affected residents and businesses will experience a water main shutdown near the working area in order to connect your water meter to the new water main. This shutdown will typically be for 1-2 hours in duration, in which residents and businesses won’t have access to water. Council and the contractor will work with all residents and businesses in order to arrange for appropriate times to switch over your water service in order to minimise the disruption. Council will advise residents at least 48 hours in advance when a shutdown is expected.

Who do I contact if I have any questions, issues of concerns?

If would like further information regarding Muswellbrook Water Main Renewal Program, please contact the Muswellbrook Shire Council Water and Waste

on: Phone: 02 6549 3840

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please also visit for regular updates of the Muswellbrook Water Main Renewals Program.



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