Rate payers have the choice between paying in full by the 31th August each year or in accordance with the quarterly instalment program.

If you choose to pay your council rates by quarterly instalment, use the quarterly instalment calendar to check when your next instalment will be due. Your instalment notice will be sent to you one month in advance.

Quarterly Instalment Calendar

First instalment 30 August 2021
Second instalment 30 November 2021
Third instalment 28 February 2022
Fourth instalment  31 May 2022


How Rates are Calculated

Rates and charges are levied for the general fund, water and sewer charges and the domestic waste charge; these are the funds that are paid directly to Council. In addition to this, a catchment contribution levy is charged, which is collected on behalf of the Local Land Services.

General fund rates consist of a base amount charged on each property within the rating categories. In addition to this a rate levy based on the land valuation of the property is also charged. The base amount and this ad valorem rate varies between the categories.

The water availability charge levied on the rate notice allows access to Council's water reticulation system. This charge varies depending on the size of the water meter installed on the property. This charge is for the water availability only and all usage is charged separately.

For residential properties a flat charge is levied on all properties able to be connected to the sewage system.

For non-residential properties connected to the system no charges are included on the rates notice and sewer charges are levied in accordance with water usage, meter size and type of business. These sewage charges are levied in conjunction with the water usage accounts.

Land Valuation

For any information regarding your land valuation visit the Valuer General's website.

Sale of Land

Should the land to which your rates notice refers to be sold, the prescribed notice must be given within one month to the Council and Valuer General.

Categorisation of Property

Section 514 of the Local Government Act 1993 requires all rateable land to be placed in one of the following categories;

      • Residential
      • Business
      • Farmland
      • Mining

This categorisation is based on the dominant use of the land and the further definitions set out in sections 515, 516, 517, 518 and 519 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Your rating category appears on your rates notice.


Council is required to advise ratepayers of the provisions of the following sections of the Local Government Act 1993.

      • Section 524 Notice of change of category
      • Section 525 Application for change of category
      • Section 526 Appeal against declaration of category
      • Section 556 What land is exempt from all rates?
      • Section 564 Agreement as to periodical payment of rates and charges
      • Section 524 What land is exempt from all rates, other than water supply special rates and sewage special rates?
      • Section 557 What land is exempt from water supply special rates and sewage special rates?
      • Section 562 Payment of rates and annual charges
      • Section 566 Accrual of interest on overdue rates and charges
      • Section 567 Writing off of accrued interest
      • Section 574 Appeal on question of whether land is rateable or subject to a charge

Do You Have More Questions?

If you have any further questions visit the Frequently asked questions page on the Office of Local Government website.

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