Rethink Water in the home and garden. Every drop counts since Mandatory Water Restrictions have been implemented in the Muswellbrook Shire.

We are encouraging responsible water usage in the community and proactively responding to ongoing drought conditions in the Upper Hunter.

Download all or any of the 8 brochures on tips for saving water below!


20 MBK Council Rethink Water Garden20 MBK Council Rethink Water HOME



Download useful tips for RETHINKING WATER - All 8 pamphlets

RETHINK Water in the Garden

RETHINK Water in the Home

RETHINK Water About your water meter

RETHINK Water Grey Water

RETHINK Water in the Pool

RETHINK Waste Water System (OSSM)

RETHINK Water Pollution

RETHINK Water Bottled VS Tap

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