Muswellbrook Shire Council has adopted the Rural Address Numbering Scheme to provide rural residents with an easy-to-find and identifiable address. The numbers will allow quick and accurate response to your property for Emergency Services including Rural Fire Service, Police, Ambulance and SES. It will also allow you to give an accurate location to anyone visiting your property, as may be required for the delivery of goods and services, for example Australia Post.


Rural Address Numbers are calculated on the distance that the entrance to your property is from the start of your road

For some main roads your rural address may also be determined by some other designated focal point. Odd numbers are generated on the left side of the road and even numbers on the right. For example, a property with a gate entrance on the left, 4.348kms along Ridgelands Rd will be known as 435 Ridgelands Rd.

Emergency Services can locate your property by resetting their speedo at the start of the road and measuring the distance to the entrance of your property.


Ordering a rural address number

To identify the entrance of houses, dairies, workshops, sheds, stockyards etc, Council may require a Rural Address Number be allocated as a Condition of a Development Consent. An application and fee can be submitted, and Council will calculate the Rural Address Number and supply the plates. When ordering a Rural Address Number, the following information will help in identifying the correct location of your property:


Displaying your rural address number

Please ensure your Rural Address Number is fixed to a post at the entrance to your property – for example the driveway, gate or grid. Moving the number to another location may lead to confusion in identifying yours and other properties. However, you may copy the number to your mail box.

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