Customer service for kerbside collection is now covered under the JR Richards contract 2017-2018-0303

If your bin damaged, stolen or not emptied? Please call

J R Richards Hotline 1800 312 933

Please make sure:

• Bins open to the kerb, 1 metre apart

• Bin lids are closed to avoid littering

• No bags are placed in the yellow or green bins

• Bins weigh less than 70kgs – avoid overloading

• Bins are not placed near cars and obstacles

Click on the colour zone to view the waste collection calendar for that area.

waste collection zones 3a 3b 1B 1a 2a 2b 4a 5a-2 5a-1 4b 5b

Can't see enough detail or map not loading?

Download the Muswellbrook Town Waste Collection Zones PDF

Click to view waste collection calendars:

Zone 1A | Zone 1B

Zone 2A | Zone 2B

Zone 3A | Zone 3B

Zone 4A | Zone 4B

Zone 5A | Zone 5B

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