Muswellbrook’s first town water supply was commissioned in 1913. Water was drawn from a well behind the treatment works by means of a pump operated by a gas engine.

At Sandy Hollow Water Treatment facility, water is pumped from bores on the Goulburn River and recycled through an ozone treatment. This precipitates dissolved solids such as iron and manganese, which although not harmful to health, may cause staining in washing etc. This allows these solids to be captured by the filtration system. After filtration the water is chlorinated. This treated water is then pumped into reservoirs; from here it gravitates to consumers in town.

Denman’s Water Treatment Plant was officially commissioned in April 2008, the culmination of a three stage construction process to provide high quality water to the residents of Denman. In the treatment process, river water is pumped though six sand filters before entering a micro-filtration plant.

At Muswellbrook Water Treatment Plant, river water is pumped to a clarifier where lime and ferric sulphate are added to reduce hardness. The water treatment plant is semi-automatic and will shutdown if the turbidity of the raw water rises above set limits. The clarified water then goes to the recarbonation chamber where the pH of the water is adjusted to about 8.0.

Muswellbrook and Denman’s water supply is drawn from the Hunter River, and Sandy Hollow’s is drawn from bores situated on the bank of the Goulburn River. Each town’s treatment plant process is slightly different, although they generally follow the treatment process depicted in the below diagram.

Simplified water treatment plant process

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