Each industry has its own unique waste management challenges and keeping landfill and environmental damage to a minimum is in everyone's best interest. Here are a few ideas for your company to consider when implementing a more sustainable waste management policy...

Small and large industries, and retail

Scrap metal

Separate your scrap metal and either bring to our Muswellbrook Waste Management Facility or on sell it to a scrap metal merchant.


Separate your cardboard, papers etc to ensure they get recycled, ensure this material is kept dry. The depots cannot accept large commercial quantities.

Green waste

Separate all your green waste so the waste management facility can recycle it by converting the waste to mulch.

Whether your company uses domestic wheely bins or delivers the waste straight to the waste management facility the rules are the same to ensure the waste won't become contaminated. To clarify what acceptable green waste is visit the Green Lid page of this site.


Avoid polystyrene products where possible as this is currently not a recyclable material within Muswellbrook Shire.


Muswellbrook waste management facility can recycle untreated timber into woodchip so separate your treated and untreated timber before delivering to the waste management facility.


Locate a tyre recycler if you have commercial quantities of tyres to dispose of. Muswellbrook waste management facility can accept domestic quantities.


Dispose of empty chemical containers through the drumMUSTER program.

Both waste management facilities have trained drumMuster operators who can handle cleaned containers.


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