All applications made to Council are acknowledged in writing, a Development Application Number is issued and you are allocated a contact person to assist with your enquiries.

Generally, development applications are determined within 4-6 weeks. Delays can be experienced where supporting material is not fully provided. Further information may also be required as a result of a site inspection or preliminary assessment. Where it is necessary, a referral may be sent to State Government authorities for comment. In the case of integrated development, Council must obtain their approval prior to the issue of a development consent.

An important part of the process for development applications is the notification to affected owners. This is completed by a mail out and an advertisement in the local newspaper. To assist in the notification process A4 or A3 sized copies of the site plan and elevation plans are required from the applicant.

On completion of the assessment, a determination is made. Sometimes applications are referred to a full meeting of Council where it is in the public interest that the development be debated or where submissions are received. The development consent is conditional and these conditions must be met during the life of the project. In some instances, a deferred commencement consent may be issued. Once the information required by the deferred commencement is satisfied you must apply for an operational consent before proceeding.

A development consent is issued along with details of any further fees required, a Principal Certifying Authority Quote/Nomination form  or a Construction Certificate Application form.

A construction certificate application will generally take seven days to determine provided all necessary information is provided and required fees have been paid.

Complying developments are required to be determined within 10 days

Once the Complying Development Certificate is issued it is the responsibility of certifying authority to provide a courtesy notification to adjoining owners; Council does not inform adjoining property owners in this circumstance.

A Complying Development Certificate is issued along with a Principal Certifying Quote/Nomination form and details of any further fees required.

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