The Environmental Planning & Assessment Act (EP&A Act) requires payment of a processing fee for development applications at the time of lodgement of the application. This fee is based on the total project value of your proposal. Read the Development Cost Estimating Policy to help you determine the total project value.

Development Cost Estimating Policy

The following fees and charges are also payable at lodgement of application:

  • Planning Reform Fund (PRF) fee
  • Nomination/advertising fee. Contact Council to obtain a quote for fees payable at lodgement.

If you are applying for a construction certificate or S68 approval(s) at the same time as you apply for development consent, the relevant application fees are also payable.

Applications for ‘integrated development’ require payment of an additional fee of $320 for each authority to which the application is referred for its general terms of approval. This fee is passed on to the relevant authority. There is an additional administration cost to Council of $140 for each referral.

You may pay your fees by cash, cheque or money order. A merchant fee of 0.75%  of payment will be charged for credit card transactions.

With your development consent you will be given details of further fees payable in relation to your development. Such fees may include Construction Certificate Application fee, long service levy, inspection fees, occupation certificate fees, Section 94 Contributions or Water and Sewer contributions.

The current fees and charges schedule is provided in the Rates and Fees section of this website.

Please contact Council to obtain a quote for fees payable with the lodgement of your development application.

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