Food Preparation Forms

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Your application must be lodged no less than 7 days prior to operation of your food stall at a temporary event.
The sale of food in NSW is regulated by the Food Act 2003 and Food Regulation 2010. Anyone who wishes to operate a temporary food stall for the sale of food within Muswellbrook Shire must be registered and approved with Council. Food for sale includes all prepared and pre-packaged food.

This sample assessment report may be used as a guide to business owners of what inspectiona are carried out at food premises by Council authorities.

After appointing a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS), the proprietor (business owner) of a food business must notify the relevant enforcement agency of their FSS within 7 days.
The proprietor can meet this obligation by either filling in this notification form and submitting it to their local council, or by notifying online at the NSW Food Authority’s website
If businesses choose to use this paper based form, they must fill in the relevant sections below and submit to their council within 7 days.

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