nuisance stray cat

If you find a stray dog contact Council on 6549 3700 to arrange for a Ranger to scan it for a microchip and attempt to locate its owner. 

Taking a stray dog to the animal shelter

In some circumstances you may end up needing to take a stray dog to the Muswellbrook Animal Shelter yourself. If the shelter is closed place the dog in one of the deposit pens available on-site. They are specifically designed to keep the dog safe and comfortable.

Roaming cats

Roaming cats are not collected by Council Rangers. Under the Companion Animals Act cats are allowed to roam. However, if you have issues with a nuisance cat contact Council for advice.

If you are having trouble with a stray cat, you may consider hiring a cat trap to trap the animal.

Muswellbrook Shire Council has humane cat traps available for hire through the Administration Centre. Phone
6549 3700 for more information.

  • Be sure you trap the animal humanely. There are penalties involved if an animal is caught inhumanely. If you are setting a trap it should be checked daily.
  • Make sure you haven't caught a neighbour's cat. If you have knowingly caught a neighbour's cat you must return the cat to your neighbour.
  • If you have caught what you think to be a stray or feral cat you must take it to Muswellbrook Animal Shelter. Staff at our facility may then evaluate the animal.
  • Remember cats are animals and often people's pets.

Muswellbrook Shire Council will not tolerate cruelty to any animal and all acts of cruelty can and will be immediately reported to the NSW Police or RSPCA.

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