Council's graffiti officer removing graffiti at Muswellbrook skate park

Muswellbrook Shire Council employs a full time Graffiti Removal Officer to combat graffiti vandalism of public assets and assist residents in keeping the Muswellbrook Shire looking its best. To help our officer keep track of where he needs to be, you can report graffiti using the online form linked below.

Council’s graffiti removal officer is able to remove graffiti in the following situations:

  • On all Council-owned property including public buildings, fences, footpaths and playground equipment
  • On all properties that back onto council land such as a fence onto a reserve
  • Offensive/obscene graffiti that can be seen from outside a private property boundary – ONLY with consent of the property owner

If the graffiti is rude/offensive/racist/etc. we aim for it to be removed within 24 hours of it being reported. For all other graffiti, you should expect a 3 day turn around.

Report an incidence of graffiti

To report graffiti that meets the above guidelines, please fill out the form here:  Graffiti Removal Request

Graffiti on Ausgrid assets

If the graffiti is located on one of Ausgrid’s assets, this will need to be reported directly to Ausgrid, rather than Council.

Ausgrid graffiti removal request

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