Minch's Wine shop. A typical heritage item in Muswellbrook

Muswellbrook Shire Council’s Heritage LEP identifies buildings and structures, ranging from private homes through to commercial buildings as heritage items.

The heritage provisions do not necessarily prohibit development but aim to promote conservation of heritage by encouraging sympathetic development of heritage items. Council may be consulted as to whether a property is listed and what procedures for renovation or development should be undertaken.

More information concerning heritage issues is available by contacting the Planning and Regulatory Services Department. Phone 6549 3700.

Heritage Items

Former school and residence
National Bank Premises
Rumbo Bush School
St Vincent De Paul
Stone bridge - Grass tree Road
Water Pumping Station
Railway Hotel - Market St
Taskers Pharmacy
Denman Memorial Hall
Old Kerrabee Homestead
Fitzgerald park gates
Railway Depot - Bell st
Timber cottage - 129 Hill Steet
Westpac Bank Premises
Yarrawa Road Bridge
Atherstone - 5 sowerby st
Baerami homestead
Barber Shop - 7 Sydney St
Billards building
Brighton villa - 12 hunter terrace
Campbell's corner
Eatons Hotel building
Edinglassie homestead
Former Hospital - 37 sowerby st
Heritage tea house
Kayuga homestead
Kerb and Guttering - Brook St
Loxton House
Muswellbrook Brick Works
Prince of Wales tavern
Rous Lench
Royal Hotel
Simpson Park
St Heilers - St Heliers Rd
St James Roman Catholic Presbytery
Valley Hotel
Weidmann Cottage
Kayuga Road Bridge
St James Roman Catholic Church - Brook St
Weatherboard Hall
Baramul Stud
Former Anglican rectory
Former CBC Bank
House - 5 Midanga Ave
Masonic Lodge - 75 Bridge Street
Oak Milk Factory
Shop - 5 Maitland Street
St Matthias Church
giants creek
Baerami School of Arts
Beer Homestead - Edderton Rd
Dalmar Stud - original Bengalla
Former Post Office
Former Private Hospital
Former butter factory
Former campbell and co store
Former court house group - police lock up police station residence
Glenmunro - slab kitchen
House - Hunter's Terrace
Lime Kiln - EIEIO - Sandy Ck Rd
Minch's Wine Shop
Old Kayuga Cemetery
Piazza Emporium (former cinema building)
Plashett Homestead
Post Office - Bridge Street
Rural Bank
Shale oil Retort Site
Skellatar House
St Alban's Anglican Church
St Alban's rectory
Timber Cottage
sandy hollow
Presbyteian Manse - 106 Hill Street
Former school residence
Muswellbrook Highschool
Shamrock hotel
Former Royal Hotel - 1 Sydney St
Keys Family Cemetery
Brogheda - Yarraman Road
Denman Hotel
Eatons st vincent de paul
Methodist Church
Muswellbrook bridge
School of Arts
St Johns Anglican church
Widden Stud
Masonic Lodge
Creek Shale Mine and Retort
Former St Johns Presbyterian church
Rosevale Cottage
Shop front - 34 bridge st
Stone Barn
Army Munition Base
Nurse Loaders Hospital - carl-brook st
Armitage House - Armitage Ave
Edward Higgins Building
Holbrook Stud
St Johns Presbyerian Church
Hollydeen shop
Kerb and guttering - Sydney St
St Alban's sunday school
Negoa homestead
Original Royal Hotel
Eatons house
Muswellbrook Hotel
Railway Signal Box - Market St
St Josephs hall
Blunt's Butter Factory
Railway Terminus site
Edderton Homestead
Railway Station - Market St
Rosemount Winery
Belmont - Edderton Rd
St James Catholic Convent - Brook St
Koombahla villa
Muswellbrook Infants school
Woodlands Stud
Muswellbrook Cemetery
Wybong Catholic Cemetery
Mertons Cemetery

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