Muswellbrook Shire Council maintains and repairs the treatment plants, pipes and pumping stations that supply water to and take sewage from households in the urban areas of the shire.

In order to provide a speedy and efficient maintenance service to customers Council often relies on reports from residents regarding problems with water and sewer services.

If you notice a break or leak in our mains please phone 6549 3700.

You can also play your part by maintaining your own property's water and sewer services, and ensuring that the installation and any modifications to your private service are carried out in accordance with regulations.

Below is a list of do's and don'ts to ensure you get the most from your water and sewerage service:

Please do

  •  Keep access clear to sewer access chambers, inspection shafts, water meters or water hydrants on your property.
  •  Report leaks and damage.
  •  Call 6549 3700 for ALL water and sewer enquiries.
  •  Observe water saving initiatives and techniques.
  •  Ensure any modifications to plumbing on your property are in accordance with regulations.
  •  Ensure your downpipes are connected into stormwater, NOT the sewer system.

Please don't

  •  Cover, disguise, bury or block access to concrete sewer access chamber lids, inspection shafts, water meters or water hydrants on your property.  Easy access to these is essential for clearing chokes in the sewer system.  Council will come and raise sewer access chamber covers in your yard at no cost to you if you wish to do landscaping works that would otherwise cover these covers.
  •  Damage water or sewer infrastructure.
  •  Ignore a leak because it’s not on your property.
  •  Enter work sites we have in place while we are repairing your services.
  •  Allow your stormwater to enter the sewer system.
  •  Plant trees or build over existing sewer mains.
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