The pasteurised mulch available for sale at Muswellbrook Waste Management Facility is produced from fortnightly kerbside green-lidded bin collections and self-haul garden organics.

To achieve pasteurisation, as per the NSW EPA’s Pasteurised Garden Organics Order 2014*, this organic waste goes through a process of litter removal, shredding, temperature monitoring, moisture control and regular turning.

From bins to quality pasteurised, quality assured mulch

Bulk loading enquires please call 6549 3852.


Price list (2019/20):

- Pasteurised Mulch per Gst. $30.00

- Pasteurised Mulch Bulk loading ( 5 tonnes plus) is available by prior arrangement

- Wood Chip per Gst.. $140.00  (1 domestic trailer load equals approx 20.00 mark)

Visit us at the Muswellbrook Waste Management Facility, Coal Road, Muswellbrook


Pasteurised mulch sales are subject to final product availability, quality and maturity.

*Application of pasteurised mulch to land must be in accordance with the provisions of the NSW EPA’s Pasteurised Garden Organics Exemption 2014.

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Pasteurised Organics (Garden Mulch) Brochure

Muswellbrook Waste Management Facility

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