As of 29 April 2013 pool owners in NSW are required to register their backyard swimming pool in an online register provided by the NSW State Government.

It's easy to register online

Swimming pool registration is free.

Visit the register website and follow the easy registration steps.

Pool owners will be asked to indicate that, to the best of your knowledge, your swimming pool complies with the Standard applicable to your pool.


The Swimming Pool Register promotes pool safety and compliance

The Register will provide you with pool safety checklists to help self-assess the safety of your pool. The Register was developed in response to the challenge of reducing the number of deaths and injuries to children in backyard swimming pools in NSW.

There may be a penalty applied to owners who fail to register their swimming pool by 29th October 2013 (penalty notice amount of $220).

Selling or leasing your property with a swimming pool

From 29 April 2016, properties sold with a swimming pool must now have either a valid ‘Occupation Certificate’, ‘Certificate of Compliance’ or a ‘Certificate of Non-Compliance’. This means:

  1. The vendor of a property (with a swimming pool) is able to transfer the requirement to make a pool barrier compliant, to the purchaser. The transfer of the requirement will be realised through the attachment of a ‘Certificate of Non-Compliance’ to the contract for sale. Sales of properties with compliant pools will continue to require a ‘Certificate of Compliance’.
  2. The purchaser of a property (with a swimming pool) has 90 days from the date of ownership transfer to address any issues of non-compliance in relation to the swimming pool barrier or be subject to current penalties.
  3. Properties with two (2) dwellings or less are required to have a certificate of compliance before entering into a lease.


All tourist and visitor accommodation, and multiple dwellings in NSW must have their swimming pool inspected every three years

From 29 April 2014 all tourist and visitor accommodation, or properties where there are more than two dwellings, must have a swimming pool inspection at least once every three years.


How to obtain your certificate

Pool owners may engage either Muswellbrook Shire Council or an accredited certifier to inspect the pool barrier for the issue of a certificate of compliance. Certificates of compliance are valid for three years.

Swimming Pool Register and Self Assessment Checklists

Be Pool Safe – Fact Sheets  [5 pages]

Pool Safety Resource Guide for New Pool Owners

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate Application

Be Pool Safe age-related fliers

Be Pool Safe Shock fliers

Be Pool Safe Royal Life Saving banner

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