• Council staff cleared the sewer main when it was blocked, but now it is blocked on our side – what do I do?

    Please contact Muswellbrook Shire Council for operators to attend and assess the situation. You may be advised to call a plumber, as operators will clear Council mains only.

  • The cap on my sewer inspection shaft is broken – who fixes it?

    The inspection cap is the responsibility of the property owner/resident. This shaft (generally located close to your property boundary) is very important in keeping stormwater out of the sewer system. If it is damaged, it can potentially allow stormwater to enter the sewer system, Council may require you to repair it under the provisions of the Local Government Act.

  • My sewer is overflowing – who do I call?

    Call Council immediately. Operators will assess the situation and clear any blockages in the sewer main and advise if you need to contact a plumber.

  • My toilet and sinks are not draining away quickly – why?

    There is possibly a blockage in either Council mains or your internal lines. Contact Council to clear Council mains if required.

  • Construction is about to commence for my new house but can’t find the sewer junction – what do I need to do?

    Contact Council. Developer plans will be consulted, but if this does not locate the junction, then operators can send a camera along the main to locate it for you at a cost. Charges for this service are as per Council’s Fees and Charges.

  • There is an odour coming from the Sewer Treatment Plant or Sewer Pump Station – should I call someone?

    Yes – please call Council immediately to report the issue. There are frequently actions that can be taken to correct this situation. If it’s not possible to fix the problem, knowing about the situation provides Council with vital information that can help in formulating a solution.

  • There is a pipe exposed on the footpath/road and it seems dangerous – who should I report this to?

    Please contact Council giving as much detail as possible. Operators will then attend and determine the best course of action.

  • I have a problem with my sewer but the office is closed – what do I do?

    Council offers a 24 hour emergency service to its residents. Please call Council on 6549 3700 to report your issue. An after hours answering service will take the details and refer it to the on-call operators.

  • Council fixed a sewer pipe in my street, and now my sewer is blocked - what do I do?

    Call Muswellbrook Shire Council Water and Waste to investigate, operators will advise if you need to call a plumber.

  • Am I going to be charged for all this work?

    Council is responsible for water and sewer mains and their respective service lines only. Generally replacement/repairs to this infrastructure are not a direct cost to the resident. However, Council does have the legal option under the Local Government Act to recover the cost of repairs if damage was the result of negligence by the property owner/resident. Council will generally not carry out work on private services or pipe work.

  • Why is it always happening?

    There are varying reasons for problems occurring with Council’s infrastructure. It is important to report any issues to Council as soon as possible so an investigation can be carried out. It is important that details are recorded and history created for the property. This will also assist in Council’s management program for your area.

  • Who do I speak to?

    If you are not sure who you should speak to in Council please explain your issue to the Customer Service Officer taking your call and they will refer you to the person best able to handle your enquiry.

  • How long is it going to take to fix?

    The time taken to make repairs varies according to the priority and complexity of the task. Council’s first priority is to supply quality drinking water and a fully functional sewer system to its residents. These take priority over any programmed works.

  • Why are there so many people standing around the hole and only one person working in it?

    The number of staff allocated to a task is determined by the type of work that it involves after the development of a safe work method statement and assessment of the risks involved. Issues that need to be considered include risk, OH & S, traffic control, contingency etc. It could also mean that the person in the hole had to complete a task before the team can move onto the next step in the process, or that machine operators or management staff are also on site or there are junior staff attending in order to learn techniques. Council is absolutely committed to providing a cost effective and efficient service to the Community it serves.

  • Thank you for coming - You’re quick.

    It is always good to receive positive feedback. Operators often work under extreme situations and recognition of this is always appreciated.

  • What do I have to do about it?

    If you have a water or sewer issue and you’re not sure what to do, please call Council to discuss the matter.

  • What are you doing here?

    Council officers will at times require access to properties where no issue has been reported. In the case of sewer it could mean that there is a blockage further up or down stream and the best access chamber to use to clear the problem is located in your property.
    In the case of water it could mean that the water meter is due to be replaced under Council’s meter management program. The operators will notify you of their need to access your property if you are home.

  • My question is not one of these

    Please call Muswellbrook Shire Council on 02 6549 3700, and we will respond to your query.

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