Denman Transfer Station
Rosemount Road Denman
9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Friday & Saturday
(Facilities closed Public Holidays)
Call 02 65493852 

Only Rural Residents are able to make a booking for an Essential Waste drop off.

Only Business are able to make a booking for an Essential Waste drop off (ABN Required).

Rural Residents and Business can make a booking  between 8:30am - 3:00pm Call 02 65493852
Muswellbrook Waste Management weigh bridge

* Please note that disposal of ‘hard rubbish’ and building type wastes is considered non-essential 

Essential Waste - Putrescible (household) waste - putrescible waste means solid waste which contains organic matter capable of being decomposed by microorganisms which can  lead to public health nuisance associated with unhygienic conditions
No general domestic residents are able to access this service.

Commercial waste deliveries

will be available at the Muswellbrook Waste Management Facility every Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
Access to the tip face for commercial waste deliveries will not be available after 3:30 pm.

Contact for waste management services:
02 6549 3852 (business hours), 02 6549 3700 (after hours). 

Licensed to accept

  • General waste
  • Recyclables
  • Used motor oil
  • Scrap metal
  • Batteries (car & truck)
  • DrumMuster containers

Site procedures and conditions of entry

  1. Report to the waste management facility operator when entering the facility.
  2. You will be asked what you are disposing of and be required to identify all materials. If you are unsure, please advise the waste management facility operator. Random visual inspections will be made by waste management facility operator/s.
  3. Your vehicle may be weighed.
  4. If your vehicle has been weighed, you will be required to return to the weighbridge to finalise your transaction.
  5. If you have separated recyclable material, please advise the waste management facility operator. You will be required to place the recyclable material in the appropriate area and may be requested to drive back over the weighbridge to ascertain the charge for the remaining material.
  6. Customers are requested to observe and adhere to the speed limits and safety signs at all times.
  7. Fully enclosed footwear must be worn at all times.
  8. Children under the age of 15 are to remain inside the vehicle.
  9. Unauthorised scavenging is prohibited.
  10. Council’s waste management facility operators will direct customers to appropriate disposal areas.
  11. Waste management facility operator/s may ask to check your receipt to ensure the correct disposal fees have been paid.
  12. Smoking is not allowed on site.
  13. Waste management facility operators can request name and address details of persons disposing of waste.
  14. Waste management facility operators can refuse to accept items/materials which Council is not licensed to accept.
  15. The site is monitored by video surveillance. Photos may be taken by waste management facility staff.
  16. Customers not complying with directions from waste management facility operator/s will be requested to leave the site.

By entering this site you agree to abide by the above conditions.

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