• What do I do if my water meter has stopped or is leaking?

    Please call Muswellbrook Shire Council on 02 6549 3700, any time of the day.

  • How long is the water going to be off for?

    Water shut off times will vary, depending on many factors. Planned works are always notified in writing and any variation to these times will be advised. Water main shut downs in cases of emergency are advised by the operators assigned to the job. In all cases, water is restored as soon as possible.

  • I have low/high water pressure – what can I do?

    Variations in water pressure can have many causes. Please call Muswellbrook Shire Council on 02 6549 3700 to report the problem, and our staff will pressure test the water main near your house in order to diagnose the issue if necessary.

  • Why were we not told the water was to be shut off?

    In an emergency situation it is not always possible to notify residents beforehand. In the event of a major water main break, the priority is to shut off the water to ensure the safety of staff and public, to reduce damage to roads, footpaths and other infrastructure, and to save water. If the repairs require the water to be shut off for an extended period, operators will perform a door knock to notify residents.

  • Why don’t you fix anything on the house side of the meter?

    Council is responsible for the supply of quality drinking water to the water meter only.

  • What do I do if my water is dirty and why is it like this?

    Reasons for dirty water vary and can include recent breaks that loosen particles on the pipe walls, old and rusty galvanised steel services which may need replacement, or illegal access to hydrants allowing pressure surges to scour the main. Episodes of dirty water should be reported to Council immediately. Residents are the eyes and ears of Council so if you are experiencing this issue please report it so that operators can investigate and rectify the problem.

  • What are my options if I think my water meter is not recording correctly?

    You should contact Council to report the issue and operators will be sent to investigate. If it is determined your water meter is not functioning correctly, a replacement will be installed.

  • How can I monitor my water usage?

    Regular reading and recording of water meter reads will assist you in managing your water usage. For further information, please read article ‘How to read your meter’.

  • What do I do if I see someone taking water from a hydrant?

    Report details of the vehicle to Council immediately. The only authorised persons to take water directly from a hydrant are Council Water & Waste staff and NSW Fire Services. If you are interested in purchasing bulk water please contact Council on 02 6549 3700.

  • I have done some landscaping and now my meter is underground – what do I need to do?

    The Plumbing Code of Australia requires that meters are maintained at 300mm above ground level. If you have completed landscaping that puts your meter below this level you should talk to Council about having it raised as soon as possible.

  • I have no water and have not received any notification of the water being turned off – why wasn't I notified?

    Generally if you have no water and have not received any notification it will be an unplanned supply interruption. Reasons for this can include burst water mains or services or even damage to mains caused by third parties. Priorities are required to be set to ensure public safety and to preserve water. This may mean in some instances residents will not receive any notification of shutdowns. However, Council aims to keeps residents informed of these situations if at all possible and to keep interruptions to a minimum. A call to Council on 65493700 will generally provide the answer to the problem you are experiencing.

  • I cannot turn the water off at my meter to change tap washers in the house – who is responsible for this?

    You should contact Council to have this rectified as the service up to and including the meter is Council’s responsibility.

  • Do I need to have a backflow prevention device on my water meter?

    Council now requires all water meters installed after 1/7/08 to have backflow prevention devices fitted.

  • My water meter needs to be moved – what do I do?

    Please contact Council for a quote. The meter can generally be moved along the property boundary but not beyond 1m into the property. Re-locations will also depend on the location of the underground water main.

  • I have had my final occupation inspection but don’t have a water meter – what should I do?

    Contact Council as soon as possible and advise that you have been granted occupation and quote your final occupation certificate number.

  • I have a problem with my water but the office is closed – what do I do?

    Council offers a 24 hour emergency service line on 6549 3700. An after hours service will take your call and refer details to the on-call operators.

  • There is water running out of my stormwater system but it’s not raining – what can I do?

    Water and Waste is not generally responsible for stormwater emitted from residences. If water is running out of your stormwater pipes you should investigate for any leaks on your property.

  • Is the water supply for Muswellbrook/Denman/Sandy Hollow fluoridated?

    Muswellbrook and Denman town water supply is fluoridated. Sandy Hollow water supply is not fluoridated at this time.

  • My question is not one of these

    Please call Muswellbrook Shire Council on 02 6549 3700, and we will respond to your query.

  • What are you doing here?

    Council officers will at times require access to properties where no issue has been reported. In the case of sewer it could mean that there is a blockage further up or down stream and the best access chamber to use to clear the problem is located in your property.
    In the case of water it could mean that the water meter is due to be replaced under Council’s meter management program. The operators will notify you of their need to access your property if you are home.

  • What do I have to do about it?

    If you have a water or sewer issue and you’re not sure what to do, please call Council to discuss the matter.

  • Thank you for coming - You’re quick.

    It is always good to receive positive feedback. Operators often work under extreme situations and recognition of this is always appreciated.

  • Why are there so many people standing around the hole and only one person working in it?

    The number of staff allocated to a task is determined by the type of work that it involves after the development of a safe work method statement and assessment of the risks involved. Issues that need to be considered include risk, OH & S, traffic control, contingency etc. It could also mean that the person in the hole had to complete a task before the team can move onto the next step in the process, or that machine operators or management staff are also on site or there are junior staff attending in order to learn techniques. Council is absolutely committed to providing a cost effective and efficient service to the Community it serves.

  • How long is it going to take to fix?

    The time taken to make repairs varies according to the priority and complexity of the task. Council’s first priority is to supply quality drinking water and a fully functional sewer system to its residents. These take priority over any programmed works.

  • Who do I speak to?

    If you are not sure who you should speak to in Council please explain your issue to the Customer Service Officer taking your call and they will refer you to the person best able to handle your enquiry.

  • Why is it always happening?

    There are varying reasons for problems occurring with Council’s infrastructure. It is important to report any issues to Council as soon as possible so an investigation can be carried out. It is important that details are recorded and history created for the property. This will also assist in Council’s management program for your area.

  • Am I going to be charged for all this work?

    Council is responsible for water and sewer mains and their respective service lines only. Generally replacement/repairs to this infrastructure are not a direct cost to the resident. However, Council does have the legal option under the Local Government Act to recover the cost of repairs if damage was the result of negligence by the property owner/resident. Council will generally not carry out work on private services or pipe work.

  • I have run over my water meter and water is going everywhere – who repairs it and do I have to pay for it?

    Please contact Council immediately to organise for an operator to attend. If you or anyone visiting your property damages the water meter the repair costs are charged to the property owner/resident.

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