Hi, I’m Reece the Recycler! I’m going to help you decide what should be placed into your household recycling waste bin with a yellow lid.

  • This bin is collected fortnightly.
  • DO NOT overfill bins - the lid must close fully and bin weight must not exceed 70kg.
  • Put caps and lids from jars and bottles into recycling bin separately.
  • All containers and cans must be empty.
  • NO plastic bags, cling film, ceramics.
  • NO sharp, hazardous or rotting waste.


Glass bottles and jars
Aluminium, steel and aerosol cans
All plastic containers - EXCEPT PLASTIC BAGS
Cartons: egg, milk, juice, etc [flattened]
Paper, cardboard [flattened]
Newspapers, books and magazines
Old letters and junk mail [remove any personal details]
Telephone books
Coffee cup lids
Plastic cutlery, plates, cups & straws (clean)
Wet paper towels—not with food
Foil lined containers
Plastic meat trays (not foam trays)
Pizza boxes (clean)
Plant pots (small, plastic and clean)
Yoghurt container — No lid

For more information about what waste to put in what bin contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Customer service for kerbside collection is now covered under the JR Richards contract 2017-2018-0303

If your bin damaged, stolen or not emptied? Please call 

J R Richards Hotline 1800 312 933

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