A - This is a fee charged under relevant legislation. The details of the legislation and section are contained under the heading of the various types of fees. Council is unable to vary the amount of these fees. (Section 610)

B - Is generally an indicative fee which is recommended by the Local Government and Shires Association of NSW and Department of Local Government to maintain a comparative fee for all Councils (relates to property and zoning certificates). (Section 609)

C - These fees are for the hire of Council premises and facilities. They have generally been reviewed by Council Committees and also by Council’s Consultant Valuer to gain the current market value for lease properties on the commercial market.

D - These are fees and charges generally for documents and minor services provided by the Council. In most cases, the amount fixed represents a minimal fee designed to cover the cost of materials and other fixed costs in providing the information.

E -This fee sets out to try and recover the full cost of the goods and services provided. n/a Not applicable

Download Adopted Fees and Charges 2021-2022

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