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Details of microfilm records and a guide to early local government records.
Compiled by Bill Spicer in December 2006

Take this nostalgic walk through Muswellbrook CBD while reading peoples' memories of the buildings and the people who lives and worked in them.

Written by C. Bruce James 15 July, 2007

Follow this numbered map which takes you on a 4.5km walk through Muswellbrook CBD. Learn the history behind Muswellbrook's significant buildings.
Statr you walk from either M M Hyndes Bailey & Co Surveyors, 208 Bridge Street, or the Railway Station, Market Street. Both points having ample parking.

Complied by Mr C.B. James, Muswellbrook - January 2009
Edited by Mr R. B. Tickle, Muswellbrook - February 2009; Layout by Ms F. McBurney - February 2009

Follow the numbered trail on this map which takes you on a tour through a selection of the fine homes which grace the streets of Muswellbrook. This drive is approximately 9.5km.

Mayors, Alderman, Shire Presidents, Councillors and Staff
The following details are held on persons who have held various positions on various councils from 1870 to 2004.  

The terms Mayor and Alderman refer to City and Municipal Councils and were first used in the Muswellbrook area in 1870. The Shires Act 1905 established councils for rural areas surrounding cities, towns (or municipalities as they are known). The 1905 Act referred to elected representatives as councillors and the council  leader as Shire President. The terms Shire President and Alderman were removed from legislation by the Local Government Act 1993.Today, elected representatives are called councillors and the council leader is called Mayor.  

The 1993 Act also changed the terms of Town Clerk and Shire Clerk to General Manager. Similarly, Engineers, Health Inspectors, Health Surveyor titles changed to reflect managerial positions and functional responsibilities.  The term of Councils has varied over the years. In the late  nineteenth century the term of the Council and Mayor was one year. Triennial terms appear to have commenced in 1956. Quadrennial terms commenced in 1983 and continue today (2004).  

In some larger areas, the Mayor is popularly elected i.e. all electors vote for candidates for the offie of Mayor. The Mayor is elected for the four year term of the Council. However, in the majority of councils, the Mayor is elected by the elected Council. In the various Councils in the Muswellbrook area, the Mayor or Shire President has always been elected annually by members of the Council.  


1870 -1979   Muswellbrook Municipal Council

1906              Wybong Shire Council

1907              Wybong Shire Council changed name to Muswellbrook Shire Council
1968              Muswellbrook Shire Council changed name to Denman Shire Council
1979              Muswellbrook Municipal Council and Denman Shire Council amalgamated to form the Muswellbrook Shire Council  

(Further research needs to be under taken to update records of some councils)

Bill Spicer
Executive Officer
Muswellbrook Shire Council
18 June 2004

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